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SPECTRUM Campaign available - asif_arsh - 06-12-2018

Millennium Systems Consultant Inc, Illinois USA Authorized Retailer looking call centers for Spectrum campaign high payout direct portal access , only experienced call centers please contact.

1 708-743-9273

RE: SPECTRUM Campaign available - abuzafur.zahidul - 30-01-2019

May i have the details on this along with payment details.


RE: SPECTRUM Campaign available - Asim Ali - 26-03-2019

We are a Direct “Spectrum / Charter” Retailer.
Looking for experienced Centers that can generate sales however; “Quality” is our top priority.

PM for more details.

Note: Experienced centers

Outbound Allowed

Skype: experteksupport

RE: SPECTRUM Campaign available - - 18-06-2019

We will provide excellent service while protecting your security since we are an office based staff not a freelancer who works anywhere. We can give you your best expectations.Unlike other BPO we also cater to small enterprises but treat you as a big company.
Trust1 is a US company with a great office and excellent English speaking, college degree staff all based in Manila.

We are organized primarily to provide outsource services and capable of supporting any services and programs and running them on a 24x7 basis and even part time.

We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that are in place to ensure booth smooth operations and operational excellence.

I wanted to book a 30 minute schedule for an Online Presentation (via Zoom ) to give you details how we can save you almost 70% in cost for VA, PA, sales, marketing etc for your services and products.

You can reach me also at