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campaign details - Ashika - 19-09-2018

?? Call Centers alert ??
We are now only focusing on the campaigns which is successful and has the highest payout in the market since we work with direct clients frm USA and Canada so we make sure the call center gets the best payout and do more business and eventually increase more business. We see business for long run
Here are the campaigns we are outsourcing :-

- DME CPA postings (80-120$) basis on the quality and quantity
- USA B2B loan campaign 2-3% funded to the centers (Direct client sign up in US) with 10 dedicated agents centers are capable to make easily 5-12M$ annualy
- Solar USA 100$ with DDV/250$ without DDV (Direct client sign up)
- Cancer kit 10$ (DDV provided)
- We hv several other campaigns too

Just ping me here prsnly or u may drop your comments below for the canpaigns u would like to start with , i'll reach u bck at the soonest

Thank You !

RE: campaign details - stanleyrostomily - 22-09-2018

My name is Stanley Rostomily and my company is very new with agents who have been doing this for years. We are looking for an inbound account (or outbound) that we can dedicate ourselves to in order to grow.
We are a bilingual company here to provide for your needs for your clients and customers.
Please contact me: e-mail
Call me at (in Guatemala)
502 3300 2864
I have 10 agents looking for work.

RE: campaign details - imran.riyasat - 26-09-2018

please inbox the details

RE: campaign details - ronaldsy - 26-09-2018

Please add me in skype : ushm_rensy

RE: campaign details - bob04 - 11-10-2018

hi pls send me the details of your campaign
skype id

RE: campaign details - jeetpalmajumder - 21-02-2019

Hi I want more details about the campaign you have. Please send me the information on

Thanks in advance

RE: campaign details - Sidtharth - 24-02-2019

Hi it's me Sidtharth
We are a starter with 42 seats
Can you send me the details ****

RE: campaign details - alakhera - 06-03-2019

Hi Ashika,

We're a starter BPO with 30 seats. Our employees have American accent and the manager/HR is American returned student. Please contact me if you have any serious and real America based BPO processes (either inbound/outbound).
Email me ****

RE: campaign details - amro.ebrahiim - 12-03-2019

Hi Sir,

i'm representing a cal center in Egypt and we're interested in the campaigns mentioned above;
would u please send me your further requirements here:

RE: campaign details - goodtalk2019 - 14-03-2019

My name is Michael and we would like to have theĀ USA B2B loan campaign. This would be easier for us since we dialed account like this. Send me details at